What the world needs now is…another data center blog?

Okay, maybe not.  I’m starting one anyway.  Here’s what to expect;

  • I’m an electrical and mechanical infrastructure guy.  I speak the language of watts, amps, BTUs and CFM.  You can expect my posts to touch on issues related to this type of infrastructure and probably not include a lot about IT gear.
  • I know the data center market in Southeast Region of the U.S. best.  As a result, I’ll be posting news and articles of note that occur in this region.  I’m not going to try to be exclusive to this territory.  If it interests me, I post news from wherever I please.  Deal with it.  
  • Like everyone else in this industry, I’m always thinking about strategies for greening the data center.  I’ll try not to rehash or repost a bunch of filler that everyone has heard a dozen times.  So, I guess you can say I’m interested in “fresh greens” 
  • I’m interested in cybersecurity for physical infrastructure.  If you’re concerned that the nation’s electrical grid, water supply or your data center is susceptible to cyber attack…well, yeah.  I am too.  Read about it here.
  • Jobs!  I run a couple of networking groups in the Region.  From time to time, I hear about new jobs opening up in the data center market.  I’ll keep you updated on who’s hiring, what they are looking for and where to apply.

So that’s it.  Like all beginning bloggers, I’m going to aim for a post a day.  Join me!



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