USA Today spotlights data center industry

There’s a good article in today’s USA Today about data centers.  The article focuses much of its ink on the importance of how important physical security and anonymity are for data centers.  Rich Miller, editor of Data Center Knowledge is quoted applying the Fight Club trope to data centers,

“I used to kid about the Fight Club rule: Rule No. 1 is you don’t talk about the data centers, and Rule No. 2 is you do not talk about the data centers.”

I’ve used that expression a few times myself.  I may need to start attributing it to Rich now that he’s quoted using it in America’s newspaper of record.

For a Southeast Regional attribution, the article mentions the Catawba County “data center corridor” anchored by Apple’s new $1B behemoth.  Also noted is Catawba’s development of a second data center park.  This is more good news for the regional data center picture.     

The quote-of-the-piece (QOTP) comes from Michelle Bailey, a vice president at IDC, a market research company that monitors the industry.

“Growth stalled during the recession, but her company estimates about $22 billion will be spent on new centers worldwide this year”     

$22 Billion on new data centers this year.  Nice!

There’s also a video intro regarding the Iron Mountain underground data center/data storage facility in Boyers, PA.  Apparently, that’s where “the cloud” lives.  As good an answer as any I suppose.  But, I know some guys at Amazon Web Services (AWS) that may suggest an alternate location.     

I found the most valuable statistics in a sidebar graph showing the number of major data centers worldwide and in US going back to 2007 and projecting into 2014.  Key stat: Major US data centers in 2011; 7043.  In 2014; 7623.  That’s 580 major data centers predicted for constructed in the US over the next 3 years.  That’s a boom in anyone’s book.


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