Bechtel looking for warm bodies with Nuclear experience for North Alabama project.

Many veterans of the Naval Nuclear Power program find their way into the data center industry.  The skills “nukes” develop in the Navy lend themselves very well to the data center/mission critical environment.  As a result, nukes are highly sought after by a variety of data centers and professional services firms.   I include this post here mostly for their benefit.  However, it’s also interesting to see that power companies in the Southeast are busy adding capacity and resiliency to their power generation infrastructure.

If you have been listening to the radio in the Atlanta area you may have heard an advertisement by engineering/construction giant Bechtel.  The ad stated that they were looking for people with any type of nuclear power background. 

Curious about what was going on, I dropped by their job fair at the Atlanta Sheraton to get the scoop.  I had a terrific meeting with some of Bechtel’s nuclear engineers.  They explained that the mothballed Bellefonte Nuclear Power Station in North Alabama had received TVA approval and funding for completion.  These guys were beating the bushes for nuke resumes in anticipation of a major staffing effort in the very near future. 

I don’t have a degree in nuclear engineering and I haven’t worked in nuclear power in 13 years.  Yet, I sailed past the screeners on the strength of complete Naval Nuclear Power training pipeline and fleet qualifications through Watch Supervisor.  The hiring managers I met with nodded, smiled and made approving noises while looking at my resume.  I gathered that my 13 years in data center engineering, construction and operation was nice but didn’t knock their socks off.    

The project has an approved construction permit, approval by the TVA and importantly, funding.    

This may be a good opportunity for some former nukes looking for their next adventure.  This linkgoes to the Bechtel website with upcoming career fair dates and an online portal for submitting an application. 

Bellefonte Nuclear Power Station


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