Navy Nuclear Power Program Veterans make great data center operators

Continuing in today’s Navy theme;

Domenic Alcaro at Schneider Electric put out a terrific blog today explaining how/why principles of the Navy Nuke program translate well into the data center industry.  He lists a number of very good reasons why this is so.  I believe he’s spot-on on nearly every point.  I’ve often said that there is no better preparation for operating a data center than operating a naval reactor plant at test depth. That experience instills in operators as profound an understanding of the term “mission critical” as you are likely to find.

The only beef I have with Domenic is that he seems to have forgotten that the operating principles found on the Navy’s nuclear submarine fleet are also found in the Navy’s nuclear SURFACE fleet.  (I passed ORSE twice earning a MUC and a Battle “E” on the USS Nimitz (CVN68).  That’s right!  On a TARGET you bubblehead!  With all due respect, Sir. 🙂 )     

Read his blog here.

Now go out and hire a Navy Nuke!  (Surface or Submariner)


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