Facebook starts work to double its N.C. data center footprint

On October 3rd Facebook conducted a tour of their new state of the art data center near Forest City in Rutherford County, NC.   Construction is just wrapping at the massive data center.  Some of the key attributes of the facility include:

  • Approx $450M capital investment
  • Highly efficient (Design to LEED Gold standard)
  • 390,000 square feet/2 story building
  • Part of Facebook’s “Open Compute Project

Facebook has identified a number of reasons for choosing North Carolina as a data center hub.  These include:

  • Cheap power
  • Plentiful water
  • Climate suitable for outside air cooling
  • Tax incentives

Facebook took tour as an opportunity to announce that they would soon start constriction on a second data center on the property.  The next facility is expected to go on line in 2013 and will be identical (mirror) to Building 1.  There was also talk of a third data center at some point in the future. 

This announcement is yet another breath of life into an area that was decimated by the collapse of the textile and furniture industries.  Fortunately, much of the civil infrastructure that formerly supported these industries remains intact and can be repurposed for data centers. 



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