Northeast Halloween Snowstorm. Power Outage Maps

Weather incidents, like the snowstorm that just dumped on the East Coast, send a shiver down the spine (pun intended) of data center operators.   30 inches of wet, heavy snow fell in the Northeast over the weekend and snapped power lines and felled trees.  As a result, 3 million residents and businesses were plunged into blackout.  State officials throughout the NE have declared that the economic impact, recovery time and number of outages will all be worse than Hurricane Irene.

Data center’s requirement for utility power is nearly universal.  If you are building or operating a data center you simply must have reliable, utility scale electrical power.  Generators, turbines, UPS systems, solar panels are all very good.  However, none of these technologies are substitutes a reliable utility feed or two.  As a result, a thorough understanding of the reliability of the local electrical grid and likelihood of an outage are key concerns for data center.

Edward Vielmetti, an Ann Arbor journalist has put together a terrific resource for those planning a data center build or those simply interested in the reliability of the grid.  Edward has assembled “Power outage maps for all 50 states plus as many other countries as I can find”.  Check it out at:

Edward clearly put a lot of work into this.  It makes fascinating reading.


One Response to Northeast Halloween Snowstorm. Power Outage Maps

  1. Jay says:

    Hey there,
    I am not sure if this is of interest or not, but this lists a bunch of outage pages for more generic core network and online services, as well as disaster notifications etc.



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