AT&T Announces New Construction in NC Data Center Cluster

On Wednesday, AT&T announced plans to build a 900,000 square foot data center facility in Cleveland County, NC. 

I’ve posted a number of times on activity in the North Carolina data center cluster.  AT&T will be joining a distinguished roster of data centers that have decided to set up shop in North Carolina.  The list includes; 

  • T5 Data Centers (Wholesale data center provider)
  • Wipro Infocrossing (Managed services and cloud provider)
  • Disney
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Cisco
  • EMC
  • American Express
  • NetApp
  • IBM

Why all the data center construction in North Carolina?  A number of factors make this area a prime location.

  • Utility incentives friendly to data centers
    • Electricity is cheap, cheap, cheap!  (3.9-4.6 cents/kw-hr)
    • Electrical grid is reliable with multiple substation feeds available
    • Forward thinking utility provider Duke Energy
      • Solid long term plan for nuclear and renewable energy production
      • Industry leader in deployment of “green energy” and “smart grid” technologies
      • Waived utility connection fees
    • Fresh water is plentiful and inexpensive
    • Existing civil infrastructure require only small inprovements to support data centers (roads, city water, county water, waste water etc…)
    • Plenty of fiber. (AT&T, RST, PalmettoNet, TWC, DukeNet, Zayo & others)
  • Climate and environment
    • Cool climate is favorable to “free cooling” strategies
    • Area is geologically stable and not prone to earthquakes
    • Area is not prone to weather related natural disasters
    • Plenty of sunshine for solar.  (Apple recently announced a 20MW solar farm for their Maiden, NC data center)
  • NC government incentives friendly to data centers
    • Generous tax breaks
    • Waiving of building, zoning and development permit fees

Congrats to our friends in NC!  Another amazing win. 


Caronet adding 15,000 sq. ft. data center space in Charlotte

The web hosting (Managed, Cloud and Dedicated Server) company Caronet announced last week that they are expanding their data center footprint.  The expansion will add 15,000 square feet of data center space in Charlotte, NC.  The expansion will also include additional critical power and storage.

The expansion is scheduled to wrap up in early 2012 and will bring Caronet’s total data center space to 40,000 square feet across 4 data centers. 

Caronet is best known for providing solutions to the internet gaming industry and offers a variety of “Engineered Hosting” solutions.

The developing data center cluster in North Carolina

I traded emails today with Doug Hollidge, CEO of Five 9’s Digital.  Doug has put together a good rundown of recent data center construction activity in North Carolina.  Most importantly Doug has included a terrific analysis of the factors that make North Carolina such a good place to build a good data center.  Thanks Doug for the thoughtful analysis and good news for the regional data center picture.  Check it out at: